Alex - thanks for helping me release my book. It was 100% worth every dollar considering the insane ROI I got with your help.
— Nate Kennedy
Hi my name’s Jim Toner, I’m a 27 year entrepreneur. To be frank, I don’t give a lot of testimonials, but when I do give them, it has to be of something that had provided substantial value to me in, normally, terms of dollars and cents…
The truth is, when you’re out handing someone your business card, the second you leave, your card goes in the garbage. They’re not going to throw your book in the garbage. In your mind, you’re going to be the expert, you’re going to be the person they want to hire and you’re going to be the person cashing the checks, believe me on this one. This is a no-brainer, you’ve got to go through with this program, it’ll do nothing but benefit you.
— Jim Toner
I am very grateful for the work that I did with Alex Goldstein on my book. I am not his typical client in that I already had a book written, and several others partway written. However, his process helped me clarify the messaging of the book in order to attract ideal clients for the work that I do, rather than just putting it out roughshod and taking my chances. The resulting book is far more powerful, and is already bringing new clients in. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is serious about having their book produce results, not just to have an ego trophy that sits on the shelf.
— Dr. Morgan Giddings
Alex Goldstein is a genius! I’m working through his system to finally get my book out.

The process he’s taken me through has given me such clarity on my offer and how I can best serve my clients AND opened my eyes up to money I’ve been leaving on the table. If I never write the book… what I have got from this process to this point already is worth every cent of the investment. Now on top of that…

The book will be out soon and be a well planned lead generator as well!

BOOM! To you Sir!
— Jody Jelas
The books came in today, they look great, everyone is really excited to get their copy.

I couldn’t have done it without ya. I just want to say thank you and I appreciate all your work that you did for me. Thanks again Alex.
— Vincent Parrucci

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